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Safety & Innovations


“Complacency Ruins Perfection”

We have an effective Safety Management System.

We understand the moral obligations that are placed on the company as an employer to ensure that work activities and the place of work is safe.

We have effective communication processes implemented across all levels of the organisation & we understand that safety is a continual process.

We have a proactive approach to managing safety and have a safety culture that promotes and practices safe work & systems.

Key Safety Principles are:

  • Management commitment to safety
  • Proactive identification of hazards
  • Actions taken to manage risk
  • Evaluation of safety actions

Some of our Safety Management documents include:

  • Site Specific Project Management Safety Plans
  • Environmental Management System
  • Community Management Plan
  • Emergency Response
  • Work Health & Safety Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Safety Management Plan

Just to name a few.

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